Cloud Hosted Services enable you to place the maintenance and upkeep of all Adirondack Solutions products under the management of experienced specialists.

Benefits of Hosted Services

  • Ability to work from anywhere, anytime
  • Upgrades and updates are performed for you
  • No need to purchase servers or database licenses
  • Centralized support provided by Adirondack Solutions
  • Best-in-class security provided in our SSAE-certified data center
  • Save money, time, and staff resources

Meet E.V.E. – Our Hosted Services Infrastructure

Adirondack Solutions is happy to provide clients with Enterprise Virtualization Environment, or what we have affectionately named E.V.E. E.V.E. is a conceptual model of our state-of-the-art virtualization infrastructure. It was designed with several goals in mind:

  • 100% Customer Uptime
  • Near-Physical Server Performance
  • Absolute Data Protection
  • Support for High Value Custom Services
  • Industry Cost Leadership
  • Industry Environmental Leadership

E.V.E. consists of four major layers each made up of 4 sublayers. Each layer and sublayer represents a basic building block of the environment. The major layers, from the bottom up, are the Physical Layer, the Network, Server and Storage Layer, and the Virtualization Layer. Our Enterprise Virtualization Environment continues to evolve as new technologies and products are released. We select best-in-class solutions for each component in the environment, implementing data center, networking and VMware best practice at every level. Adirondack Solutions is committed to delivering to our customers the highest quality products and services, which is made possible by building them in our unique Enterprise Virtualizaton Environment.