The Housing Director is Adirondack Solutions’ flagship product. Designed by and for housing professionals, The Housing Director is the best solution for the management of your residential operations. While The Housing Director is an extremely powerful and customizable enterprise application, it remains user-friendly and easy to implement. Whether public or private, 200 beds or 20,000 beds, The Housing Director is your first choice for your housing management needs!

One Product… Many Solutions:

  • Store and maintain up-to-date student information.
  • Create/switch/swap/cancel room assignments.
  • Auto-assign hundreds or thousands of students in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.
  • Allow students to be involved with the housing process using the The Housing Director Self-Suite.
  • Utilize comprehensive billing and proration functionality.
  • Maintain/manage waiting lists.
  • Manage maintenance work orders and individual/common area damage.
  • Enjoy built-in reporting with mail/e-mail merge capabilities.
  • Feel secure with our fine-grained user security options.
  • Integrate with your campus information system (Ellucian, PeopleSoft, etc.) and other 3rd party applications.

Advanced Assignment Capabilities

The Housing Director lets you assign students in many ways. Assign first-year students using our industry-leading AutoAssign feature to match students to rooms and to each other using personal and hall/room-based preferences. Returning students can select their own housing using our customizable and flexible Online Room Selection system, part of the The Housing Director Self-Service. You can always manually assign/switch/swap or cancel room assignments with just a couple clicks of your mouse. However you decide to assign students to their rooms, billing and other housing fees are taken care of in parallel with the assignment process. Managing your assignment processes has never been so quick and easy!

The Housing Director Self-Service

The Housing Director Self-Service (THDSS) allows you to put the housing process in your students’ hands. Via THDSS, new and returning students may submit their housing applications, electronically sign their housing agreement, answer personal/living preference questions, and pay their housing deposit (via integrations with a variety of Payment Vendors). Information entered during the housing application process may be used by students to find compatible roommates or by housing staff to match students with roommates and room assignments based on their preferences using auto-assign. In THDSS students may participate in a variety of online room selection and roommate selection processes based on their eligibility as designated by housing staff. THDSS is also the main portal for your students to view and electronically sign their Room Condition Reports, submit work orders, view their billing, see waiting list information, and more.

Manage Maintenance with Ease

The Housing Director features built-in maintenance management and damage billing tracking. You can track submitted work orders and assign them to maintenance staff. Easily run reports on and/or summarize maintenance history. Our acclaimed damage billing functionality allows you to effortlessly track and assign damage billing fees to individual students or to groups. Since the entire system is integrated, The Housing Director knows who lived in a particular hall or on a particular floor when an incident occurred, thus eliminating erroneous damage billing.

Timely Student Data Management

The Housing Director tracks all the student data you need for your day-to-day operations. Student data is imported from your campus information system and is updated on a scheduled or real-time basis. This means you are never working with stale data. Track individualized demographic data, billing history, notes & logs, meal plan information, student photos, and more. You can even create unlimited custom fields to keep track of other student data and use it in your housing processes.

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