Adirondack Solutions knows that ours is not the only software application running at your institution. Because of this, our Data Interface Module (DIM) allows you to integrate with as many campus systems as needed. This tool allows you to synchronize student, billing, and assignment data with your campus information system. It also allows you to interface with other systems such as access/security management, meal/dining management, and more. All transactions can be done on a scheduled basis, and in many cases, real-time. The DIM is one comprehensive tool to create interfaces between multiple systems.

One Tool… Unlimited Interfaces:

  • Connect to any ODBC compliant database, API (including Banner web services), or even output to a simple text file.
  • Easily map fields between Adirondack Solutions products and your external systems.
  • Schedule batch or real-time imports and exports.
  • Run imports and exports on-demand.
  • Update student data using information from your campus information system (Ellucian, PeopleSoft, etc.).

Multiple Interfacing Methods

With the DIM, you can have unlimited imports and exports configured to provide the data needed to keep your campus running. You can have any combination of real-time, scheduled batch, and on-demand interfaces. The interfaces can be as simple as a text file or API calls, or can be as complex as multi-step direct table operations. The DIM will manage student data, assignments, billing transactions, dining plans, dining points, judicial fines, health & counseling center fees, and more. Additionally, all of our software includes the ability to immediately import one student at a time from your campus information system.

Real-Time Data Exchange

Our real-time interface lets you establish multiple export processes, each linked to one or more events that can be triggered from within The Housing Director. For example, when a student switches rooms, the real-time interface can send their new room assignment to your card access system and to your campus information system, while the new credit/charge transactions can be sent to your billing system. The system can also distinguish between events that are occurring now versus events that are going to take place in the future, such as a room swap that may occur at the end of the week. This same functionality is also available in our Conduct Coordinator software. Real-time Events can be linked to a student completing his/her sanctions, a hearing being scheduled, and more.

Ease of Use

While very robust and extremely flexible, the DIM remains easy to use and support. It provides a single point of access to customize interfaces between Adirondack Solutions software and the other systems on your campus. Adirondack Solutions has partnerships with leading educational software companies such as Ellucian, Blackboard, Persona and more. Eliminate the need to write custom data transfer scripts. Know with confidence that data is synchronized, information is stored, and records are updated.