The Conference Host is designed to help manage your conference program and meetings calendar. It not only helps you manage your attendee and client data, but assists in planning ahead for upcoming events. Within conference host you can create multi-day conferences or one-day meetings and then manage billing, dining, AV and keys and parking tags. Housekeeping is managed including linen and laundry. Like in the Housing Director, attributes on clients and attendees are tracked and used for appropriate assigning, matching of roommates, room swapping and switching. Sometimes your conferences are on a very tight schedule. With the Conference Host set-up and take down times, inventory and housekeeping schedules are meticulously maintained.

For a successful conference program, many details must be tracked. The Conference Host has the ability to create sophisticated reports based on any data in the system. Reports may be saved for re-use and used for tracking, notification via e-mail, mail-merge and billing and key envelopes.

General Features

  • Simple to use interface
  • Multiple security levels
  • Completely customizable for your needs
  • Daily Summary screen to view occupancy statistics and much more
  • Daily Planner screen to graphically view room utilization


  • Create multi-day conferences or one-day meetings
  • Track detailed information about the hosting clients and organizations
  • Reserve blocks of rooms for attendee housing
  • Create global dining plans to apply to a conference
  • Track dining plan usage, billing per meal, banquets, etc.
  • Manage all furnishing and A/V equipment usage
  • Maintain each attendee’s personal information
  • Select an attendee by using various search criteria
  • Create custom attributes for attendees for matching and/or tracking
  • Track features of halls, floors, rooms and meeting/dining rooms
  • Track keys, access cards, and parking tags
  • Assign inventory items to attendees, such as linen, etc.
  • Set housekeeping schedules
  • Create schedule of events with simple, graphical tool
  • Easily copy an event from one day to the next
  • Set recurrence of one-day meetings
  • Billing to attendees and/or clients
  • Establish hourly and daily rates for meeting rooms and furnishings

Manage Space

  • View room vacancies instantly for each conference
  • Generate room reservation numbers for meetings/events
  • Easy check-in/cancellation process
  • Create meeting rooms that are multi-rooms with sub-rooms
  • Assign roommates to each other automatically or manually
  • Automatically or manually make room assignments
  • One touch room swapping and/or switching
  • Track occupancy status of each room
  • Choose criteria you used to match attendees
  • Set priority of attributes on which to base matching
  • Set weighting of priorities
  • Reserve rooms by hall, floor, room or automatically
  • Track room changes for each attendee
  • Track style and capacity for meeting rooms
  • Track audio-visual and furnishing capabilities in each meeting or dining facility
  • Track setup and take-down times
  • Customizable meeting room configurations
  • Group halls for proximity assigning
  • Track room inventory items

Reporting and Mail-Merge

  • Create sophisticated reports based on any data in the system
  • Save reports for re-use
  • Powerful query generator requires no understanding of SQL
  • Notify all clients or attendees (or those selected in a specialized query) via mail-merge letter or email
  • Automatically bill and notify clients or attendees of all charges
  • E-mail attendees of events such as schedule changes, social activities, etc.
  • Print mailing or name labels
  • Print key envelope labels